One of the most significant moments in a woman’s life is her wedding day, and she works hard to make sure that everything, including her wedding look, is flawless. From donning unique lehengas to opting for glam makeup, brides these days are making sure to look hatke on their special day. Moreover, bridal fashion is one of the trendiest topics on social media. Every now and then, we stumble upon some or the other distinct bridal style quotient. And one thing that remains constant in bridal fashion is taking inspiration from celebrity brides.

Celebrity brides are known for setting the most unusual and amazing wedding style quotient. And Alia Bhatt had surely topped the list when it came to breaking the stereotypes related to shaadi as she had gone for an ivory colour saree for her D-day instead of the usual laal shadi ka joda. However, what surprised the internet was that the actress had opted for an open hairdo for her special day, which is quite unusual for an Indian bride. Her wedding hairdo not only received love but also became a major inspiration for several brides. Here’s a complete list of brides who went with open hairdos for their big day.

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